Install app

Install as normal Shopify apps. Ignore if you are familiar with install steps.

  1. From Shopify app page, click Get.
  2. Click Install app, this will install the SectionCloud App to your shop.

After the installation app you will be redirected to the App page.

Custom code to use template

If you are using templates, a custom code will be added to your liquid files. You can move it to where you want. Please check template part for detail.

Files added by SectionCloud app (auto install)

Liquid code

  • Code added in theme.liquid:
{{ 'sectioncloud.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }}

Paid plans

All paid plans will have some template liquid files:

  • Snippets/sectioncloud-product.liquid
  • Snippets/sectioncloud-ps-X.liquid - X is id of created template

and liquid code will be added to Layout/theme.liquid:

{% include 'sectioncloud-template' %}

after {{ content_for_layout }} code. If you know liquid code, you can change it where you want.


  • CSS: sectioncloud.scss: Styles needed for SectionCloud's sections and templates